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When Was Toilet Paper Invented

Toilet paper has been around for quite some time. This material is commonly used to clean human waste substances from the body. Toilet paper is fast and convenient and its extremely practical for the purpose that it serves. Here is some more in-depth information about toilet paper and how this sanitary product first came into existence.

Who really invented toilet paper?

Toilet paper has always been around in one form or another for thousands of years. It evolved from the use of sand, grass and rags to wipe away fecal material after a person has relieved themselves. However, it was not until 1859 that a man named Joseph Gayetty created the toilet paper roll. Keep in mind that some sources claim that toilet tissue (as we know it) was invented thousands of years earlier within the nation of Korea around 598 B.C.

When Gayetty invented the toilet paper roll he created this product primarily for the people within in his community. The paper did not just stay isolated to the people of New York of City, its usefulness caught on to people all throughout the states and eventually throughout the world. Gayetty also sold this substance claiming it was “The greatest necessity of the age! Gayetty’s medicated paper for the water-closet”. His product was sold in packages of flat sheets. They were moistened and soaked with aloe.

In 1867, three brothers with the last name of Scott began to sell their version of toto toilets paper. Their product was cheaper than Gayetty’s but it had splinters. However, people still brought the rolls. Apparently, the use of toilet paper was starting to catch on around 1867 even though Gayetty created this substance almost a decade earlier. By the way, the Scott brothers are the creators of the modern Scott company that sells toilet paper and paper towel products.

Eventually, other companies began to emerge which produced softer and splinter free toilet tissue products. By the 1930’s toilet paper was refined and had the same features of toilet paper today. Since that time, the average person now uses at least 100 rolls of toilet paper within a year.