Child Safety and Home Security Systems

Children are often the reason for exploring the option of a home security system. When a child is in our care, our protective instincts heighten and we desire to implement all precautions possible to protect them from potential harm. Such home security monitoring is important because thieves do not discriminate based on age and will often take advantage of an unlocked window or door that a child may easily leave accessible to them. There are also many statistics that children are often victimized by those already trusted in their family-circle so a home security camera can really come in handy if another caregiver is helping with a child. With an increasing number of kids arriving home after-school to an empty house, it is more important now that ever, to add some type of extra technology and safety system to your home.

Fortunately, there are many wireless technologies available for home alarm systems and home security monitoring that are functionally usable for children to operate. Systems are available that require a simple code word to activate them. There are also wearable home alarm systems that carry the technology in a necklace or bracelet that a child or disabled person can wear at all times. With single button-press activation, the system can effectively connect the in-danger child with the police or security company who can quickly triage and dispatch an appropriate response team. There are various emergencies that a child could need help with simply because they are not yet capable of understanding the hazard’s details, and only understand that they are in “danger”. Home security systems can work as fire alarms in addition to occupant safety too, and since a child can act quickly activate the system this can save your life.

Children are incredibly technologically inclined and many of them naturally navigate a home computer or mobile device or tablet. Games and Apps on mobile devices teach children dexterity and most kids are very comfortable entering data like a small pass-code into a device. When instructing a child to use home alarm systems, it is advisable to make this comparison so that they are not afraid to press the buttons on the system.

While there are many safety tips specific to children and teenagers, some home safety tips include altogether removing hazards and ensuring that children know what to do in the event of an emergency. It is a great idea to assign different duties or stations to individual family members so that each person in your home knows their duty in case of emergency and everyone will know what their responsibilities are. For example, if there is a fire, a child should know to yell loudly and get out of the home as quickly as possible. Since home security systems can be triggered remotely as well, perhaps it will be mom or dad’s duty to trigger the alarm. In a very different scenario such as a burglary, children may know to go directly to the home’s safe-room, and then follow protocol for alerting police and neighbors to help.

With children, a very serious and dangerous situation could also be poison. A number for the Poison Control Department can be programmed into your security system so that you can have immediate response to your home when time is paramount. In every emergency, time is the important factor. By utilizing home security monitoring with children, you can even be alerted if they wander out of their safe zone or designated area and could be in potential danger, like near a swimming pool for a younger child. Protective gear is a great safety analogy because it will always reduce injuries and risk of injury, home alarm systems work in a similar way. A home alarm will reduce the risk of a potential negative outcome in the event of many different emergencies specific to children. Sometimes children can become overwhelmed with thinking about who to call for help, and when. With home security systems, they only have to remember to press a button or enter a simple code to dispatch immediate help to them. Children and teens should always use the home security system when home alone. When combined with safety tips and good family communication these systems and technology will minimize security breach-situations and help the whole family to feel safe and secure.